Edwin Earl "Ed" Catmull is a computer scientist and current president of Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios. As a computer scientist, Catmull has contributed to many important developments in computer graphics.

President of Pixar Animation Studios

Born March 31, 1945, in Parkersburg, WV; married Susan

College Graduated

University of Utah


Co–recipient, Academy Award for Scientific & Technical Engineering Achievement,
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, 1993 and 1996;
co–recipient, Academy Award of Merit,
Significant Advances in the Field of Motion Picture Rendering, 2001.

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    Edwin Catmull is the president of Pixar Animation Studio.Edwin Catmull born on March of 31th, 1945. The father of Edwin catmull is a principal of Granite High School and then moved to Tarlorsville High School. Edwin catmull was a Mormon and Edwin was the oldest of the five he is also served the missionary as a young man in the New York City. Edwin Catmull is inspired with the work of Disney movies like Peter Pan and Pinnochio and Edwin Catmull dreamed of becoming one of the feature film animator. Edwin Catmull worked in the Boeing Company as a Computer Programming in a short period of time and he also work at the New York Institute of technology.

    Edwin catmull became one of Ivan Sutherland’s students. When catmull saw the drawing program Sketchpad and the new field of computer graphics Edwin catmull decided to be a part of the revolution from the beginning. At that point, his main goal now is to make a computer animated movie. Edwin made two new fundamental computer graphics the texture mapping and bicubic patches he invented the algorithms of spatial anti-aliasing and refining subdivision surfaces. He also discover the Z-Buffering but it had already been described by Wolfgang Straber in his thesis. Catmull contributed to the film industry in early 1972 animated version by his left hand. Catmull hired by the company of Applicon after earning the doctorate in computer science. The founder of New York Institute of Technology, Alexander Schure contacted Edwin catmull in November the same year and offer a position as the director of the new computer graphics lab. He composes a talented group for working with 2D animation it focuses on the tools that could help the animators in their jobs. Edwin and his composed group left 2D animation and go for higher quality of animation which is 3D. Of course there is also a struggle they realize that there was a lack of actual progress in their technological development. Before Edwin Catmull became the president of Pixar, catmull became the Vice President at the Industrial Light and Magic computer graphics division at the lucasfilm.

    April 20, 2010, Pixar Animation Studios opened Pixar Canada in the downtown area of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The roughly 2,000 square meters studio produced seven short films based on Toy Story and Cars characters. In October 2013, the studio was closed down to refocus Pixar's efforts at its main headquarters. Pixar celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2011 and completed the construction of a new building on its Emeryville campus. Cars 2 are also released in that year. David M. laur receives the Technical achievement Academy Award for Alfred Render Queue Management System. Edwin Catmull as the president of Pixar and Disney Animation Studio give a big contribution on multimedia development because of creating beautiful animation getting good morals to it. It starts in 2D animations to 3D animation. I watched almost all of the animated movie film and it is all great the graphic, sound, and music. They inspire people in doing animated film. Nowadays many people have interest in creating animations at first it is really hard but if you are enjoying creating animation it would be easy to you as long as you have great ideas or knowledge. Technology is a great help for people for doing their jobs well.

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